History Of Ahmedabad

Ancient sage Dadhichi said to have lived on the banks of Sabarmati river.

The Ahmedabad is a popular settlement near bank of Sabarmati river was earlier known as Ashaval or Ashapalli. In the tenth century Ashaval was one of the chief places in Gujarat as described by Al-Biruni. It was a well peopled, busy, trading, manufacturing and rich town around 1150. In the eleventh century, Karna of Chaulukya dynasty ruling from Anhilwad Patan (1072-1094) made the town his capital, adorned it with two temples, one to Kochrab, the site still known, and the other to Jayanti Devi, and named it Karnavati (Karna’s town) or Shrinagar (prosperous city) and Rajnagar (king’s town). When Chaulukya rule weakened in the second half of the 13th century, Vaghela dynasty rose to power in Gujarat in 1243. They formed short but stable rule in the region which ended in 1299

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